2 Minutes to Midnight


Over the past couple of weeks I participated in the Aggressive Combustion Game Studios Start of Summer Game Jam. I had been wanting to participate in a game jam for a while and the 12 day time window for this game jam worked out a lot better than the 48-72 hour window that I've seen for several other game jams. This intent of this game jam was so that students who normally don't have the time to get involved with a game jam could jump on board and get some valuable experience. The theme for this game jam was “Based on the Title of a Song.”

I jumped into this project with two programmers, Justin Pena and Khairi Issa, I knew from my project development class and another artist, Tristen Piert, I knew from some of my 3D modeling/animation classes. Through the game jam page we were able to recruit a pair of phenomenal musicians, John Montoya and Daniel Woodyer, who composed and recorded some amazing music that really tied the entire project together. Justin and I had previously discussed a desire to make a “boss rush” style of game together; with the announcement of the theme, we quickly decided that “2 Minutes To Midnight” by Iron Maiden would be a great song to base the game on. We landed on a heavy metal influenced art style with 3D models set into a 2D platform game. Players have two minutes to defeat each of the bosses in order to save the world from destruction.

We ended up getting our build finished and submitted to the game jam with 27 seconds before the clock ran out at 11:59pm, which I feel is quite appropriate considering the title of the game. It was great fun to work with a small team to create a fun little game in such a limited amount of time. We ended with a playable game after only 12 days of work; it needs some polish, but it's a solid proof of concept and a game that everyone on the team has expressed interest in developing further.

Check out 2 Minutes to Midnight here!

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Here’s a quick look at some of the in-game footage of “2 Minutes to Midnight”

Here’s a quick look at some of the in-game footage of “2 Minutes to Midnight”

Douglas Bowman